Hearing Products

At Pacific Audiology Clinic, finding the right device is one step in a multipart process. Hearing aids can use compatible accessories to enhance their usefulness in personal and professional situations. Comfort plays a large role in choosing hearing aids. With the right setup, wearers gain all of the benefits needed for better audio clarity.

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    Hearing Technology

    Modern Solutions For All Types of Hearing Loss

    Thanks to advances in technology, hearing products are designed to be more compatible with our lives than ever before. In addition to hearing aids, there are a number of products that make living and communicating with hearing loss easier to manage, so you never miss a beat.

    Hearing professionals will make a recommendation on device types by factoring in a patient’s lifestyle, hearing loss and budget. Several options separate one style from another although most core features are available in all styles.

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    Hearing Aids

    Hearing Product Guide

    Curious About Hearing Technology, but Not Sure Where to Start?

    With so many styles and options, it can be difficult to know which products will suit your needs. Our Consumer Guide to Hearing Aids provides an in-depth breakdown of the different types of hearing devices, as well as the technology available for all types of hearing loss.

    Guide to Hearing Aids

    Hearing Aid Manufacturers

    Hearing Products Created by the Best in the Industry

    When it comes to hearing loss, you need a device you can rely on to perform its best. That’s why we carry products from manufacturers with a proven track record of exceptional quality. No matter your budget, lifestyle or type of hearing loss, we have a product to meet your needs.

    Lyric Hearing Aids & Accessories

    Lyric is the world’s first and only 100 percent invisible hearing aid. It is manufactured by Phonak and is considered one of their flagship products. Despite its small size, Lyric delivers crystal clear audio in all environments.

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    Oticon Hearing Aids & Accessories

    Oticon produces several hearing aids and hearing aid accessories. Their key features are Tinnitus SoundSupport, If This Then That network support and ConnectClip. The Oticon On series of hearing aids has multiple styles and types to choose from.

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    Phonak Hearing Aids & Accessories

    Phonak is known for having the only 100% invisible hearing aid, the Lyric. Other products in their lineup prioritize connecting hearing aids to everyday devices. The Naida B, Sky B and Audeo B- Direct are powerful devices with robust feature sets.

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    Starkey Hearing Aids & Accessories

    Many of Starkey’s history milestones are based on their innovations in the audiology field. They have a large lineup of hearing aids, and even an option for hearing amplifiers. The IQ series is their most notable addition, and it is made to reduce the symptoms of Tinnitus.

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    Widex Hearing Aids & Accessories

    Widex is the sixth largest hearing aid manufacturer in the world. Their custom-made app BEYOND puts the power of hearing aids in the hands of its users. Widex supports many styles for children, adults and seniors.

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    Hearing Protection

    Make Protection a Priority

    Protecting your ears from noise damage is essential to healthy hearing. We carry a wide variety of options equipped with the latest features and customizations, so you can find the best fit for your lifestyle.

    Custom earmolds can be soft or spongy, available in full shell or half shell. Earplugs are just as varied and can come with a detachable cord for quick removal. Both styles are meant to help in professional and personal situations when noise levels are dangerous.

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    Hearing Protection

    Assistive Listening Technology

    Additional Tools to Support Clear Communication

    You don’t have to rely on hearing aids alone; assistive listening technology and compatible devices can help bring more clarity to conversations and are another great way to foster healthy communication and connections.