Replacing your hearing aids is something that should be done typically every three to five years, but this is something that can vary widely depending on the individual. So, when should you buy new hearing aids? Here we are going to answer the question, so you have a better idea.

How are your current hearing aids?

This is what you've got to ask yourself first. You need to look at the variety of listening situations that you experience in your day-to-day life and how the hearing aids are helping you. Look at common everyday situations such as watching television, talking on the telephone or spending time in social situations. How are your hearing aids helping you in these circumstances? 

Have you experienced any changes in your baseline hearing? 

As we get older, we can experience age-related hearing loss. If your hearing aids aren't getting you the performance that you need, it might be time to see an audiologist to have a hearing test or make adjustments to your current hearing aid. It may have got to the point where your current device is beyond the range of your needs. In which case, you will need to adapt and upgrade to a better hearing aid with newer capabilities.

Do you need to send your hearing aids in for repairs?

Hearing aids are incredibly sensitive. This is something that we may forget about if we use it daily. It is important that we maintain our hearing aids effectively, however, if we are exposed to certain environmental conditions or have certain wearing habits, there is a chance that the hearing aid will experience more issues than others. Because this combined with additional problems, such as earwax or humidity, may result in having to replace your hearing aids more regularly.

Have you changed your living situation?

Experience in various changes in your living situation or your occupation or any external interests can place new demands on your hearing aids. For example, if you are working in an environment that demands a lot of socializing, such as conference calls or meetings,or you are in an environment with a lot of external noise, such as the construction industry, these will push your hearing aids to your limits and beyond. 

If you were fitted for hearing aids based on a lifestyle that was quieter and you have now made changes in your life, the hearing aids may not be doing your current lifestyle justice.

Have you been making the most of the latest hearing aid technology?

There have been so many advances in hearing technology. Going back a few years ago, there were features that were slowly starting to make their mark but couldn't be acquired when you were first fitted for them. A good example is Bluetooth. Something that can work with your telephone and television can make for increased connectivity in everyday life. 

The modern hearing aid technology is increasing with every passing year. And if you are only using hearing aids with certain features, you might not be getting the most out of what is offering to help your life. In addition, it is not just about technological advances, but new hearing aids come with wider options for personalization. 

For example, there are more invisible devices and comfortable hearing aids that sit on the outside of the ear as well, as a wider variety of colors. Put simply, if you are not keeping up to date with advances in hearing aid technology despite your current hearing aid delivering the goods, it might be time to see what it can do for every area of your life.

Is it time for you to buy new hearing aids?

Buying new hearing aids is not just about making a simple upgrade, but it's about ensuring that you have the best hearing aid technology that will improve your life in every way. Whether your hearing loss has progressed beyond the amplification capability of your current hearing aid or you are looking for something more modern, stylish and with the latest technology, you can rest assured that we will point you in the right direction.

If you have concerns about your current hearing aids or are now on the lookout for something new, you can get in contact with Pacific Audiology Clinic today at 503-719-4208. Our team is well-versed in recommending hearing aids and will consider your lifestyle, hearing loss and aesthetic preferences.