Hearing loss can be totally sneaky and creep up on you without you really knowing, but it has to be said that hearing loss can impact your quality of life by triggering emotional frustration and social isolation.

Detecting hearing loss in its earliest stages can help you to access more effective treatment and prevention, so it’s vital that you take the time to learn the warning signs of hearing loss that you shouldn’t ignore. The early warning signs below suggest it’s time to check in with an audiologist, so read on to learn more.

Experiencing Trouble When Attempting to Understand People Around You

One of the most notable warning signs that you should always pay attention to is difficulty understanding those around you. If you find yourself regularly complaining to your friends, family or colleagues about them mumbling or being difficult to understand, then this could suggest that you may be experiencing some level of hearing loss.

You will still be able to hear that someone is speaking to you but deciphering exactly what they are saying may be tough, especially in louder locations. A related symptom is asking people around you to repeat themselves, but this is something that your loved ones might spot before you do. As a result, talking to those close to you about your hearing could be beneficial in understanding the extent of your hearing loss, and whether it’s time to visit an audiologist.

A Ringing Sound Inside Your Ears That Other People Cannot Hear

Another warning sign that you should look out for is a ringing sound inside your ears that other people around you are unable to hear. If you continually or regularly hear a ringing sound, then this likely suggests that you have a condition called tinnitus. Tinnitus is extremely common, but it’s an early sign of hearing loss that should raise red flags for your hearing health.

If you can hear a ringing sound, and it begins to disrupt your daily life in some way, then you should always take the opportunity to see an audiologist sooner rather than later. Catching tinnitus early can help to prevent further damage to your hearing health.

You Can’t Hear the Birds Singing or Other High-Pitched Noises

When you experience hearing loss, the first sounds that become difficult to catch are those which are high pitched. So, if you find that you can no longer hear the birds singing or any other high-pitched sounds such as car alarms, then this might suggest that you need to have a hearing health check! The next time you open a window on a calm Sunday morning, check whether you can hear the birds singing in the trees nearby.

Failing to Engage or Avoiding Social Situations

If you find it tricky to understand those around you, then this can be really frustrating. It’s never fun to feel like you can’t fully understand those around you, so it’s common for those with hearing loss to fail to engage in a conversation or simply avoid social situations altogether. If your loved ones or colleagues are speaking but you do not fully catch what’s being said, then you aren’t going to be able to weigh in or participate in any way.

Busy places like restaurants can intensify this warning sign, as the background noise can make it even harder for you to hear properly. You don’t need to let your hearing less affect your daily life – an expert audiologist can help you to regain independence.

Turning Your TV Up to Full Volume Every Time You Watch It

Last but by no means least, a further sign of hearing loss is turning your TV up to full volume, even when it’s quiet around you. Requiring your television to be on a very high volume can certainly suggest that you might have hearing loss, but you need to rely on your loved ones to let you know when something is too loud! You’re unlikely to recognize that it’s on full volume if you have hearing loss, so ask your family whether you are watching the TV too loudly before you do yourself any more damage.

It’s clear to see that there are a number of hearing loss symptoms that you should never ignore, so be sure to take them on board and visit an expert audiologist sooner rather than later. If you would like to find our more, then reach out to one of our friendly team at Pacific Audiology Clinic by calling us today at 503-719-4208!

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