Patient Testimonials

I love Pacific Audiology Clinic. Doctors often get teased about their bedside manner. Most — truthfully — aren’t that good at patient communication or at really determining our needs. When you consider hearing loss, the loss of bedside manner, and inability to communicate and solve problems multiplies exponentially. Doctors of Audiology don’t really see us at our hospital bedsides or deal with us in hospital settings. They must, however, have those great communication skills and the ability to let their patients know they care. I’ve been seeing Allison Bradley for almost three years. Few doctors I have ever known have a better — for lack of the right term — bedside manner. She’s amazing. Allison asks all the right questions. Her approach to hearing is exceptional. Allison’s advice to me has always been right on. I hear better today than I have in years. Gary W.
After 6 months and 13 visits of struggling with the new hearing aids from my previous provider, I contacted Pacific Audiology for a second opinion on the issues I was having and to investigate the possibility of acquiring hearing aids from them. In one visit with Alisa, I had all the necessary hearing tests conducted and left with new hearing aids that worked far better than ones I had and were less expensive. In the 18 months since then I have never been disappointed with Alisa’s meticulous care of me and her concern with making sure everything works just right. She is professional, personable, and highly effective in what she does. Margie T.
Three years ago this summer it was clear I needed hearing aids. I had two young grandchildren and was having a very difficult time understanding them. I was missing out on the joy and happiness they wanted to share with “Papa” about their funny little lives. I was hesitant for years to seek help, but this issue was the motivator for me. I went online, and the website for Pacific Audiology was very professional in appearance and helpful. I called the next day and received a call back from Allison the same day. This impressed me. At the age of 54, I was very concerned about my hearing loss due to many years in the military working on aircraft. Reluctantly I went in for my appointment and immediately I knew I made the right choice. Allison and Alisa have been extremely friendly, knowledgeable and supportive during my visits. Their intentions after my first visits have not wavered, and to this day they have my best interest at heart and are doing everything to keep my quality of life intact with my new hearing devices. I did not realize what I had been missing until I made the commitment to meet with them. Lexi, the receptionist, is very friendly and accommodates my crazy schedule for appointments and is a part of their team. I trust them all and consider them, my professional friends. Scott D.
Born in the 1950s, I am a carpenter’s daughter who loved to listen and perform music all through life without hearing protection. Tinnitus at about the pitch of E natural above the treble clef staff developed in the late 1980s. In recent years, many conversations eluded me while sounds at other frequencies became prominent and annoying. While out for a neighborhood walk, I saw Pacific Audiology Clinic’s sandwich board and decided this was my opportunity to have my hearing checked. I was welcomed with excellent care and good humor. (The people there are amazing!) I now wear hearing aids whenever I want to actually hear conversations. They also help temper my tinnitus. I recently purchased custom ear plugs from Pacific Audiology Clinic and now carry them with me always. Our urban environment has become increasingly noisy, with huge paper-shredding trucks, leaf blowers, construction equipment, etc., everywhere we turn. I voluntarily go to sporting events, where people have developed their cheering voices to extreme volumes, and I nearly worship a local drum ensemble’s excellence. My custom ear protection allows me to enjoy all of these circumstances without further damaging my hearing. I highly recommend Pacific Audiology Clinic for everyone at every age! Jan Z.