The first hearing aids you use will likely be good enough for your needs, but as you grow more accustomed to them, you’ll likely start to notice that it lacks a few features or is starting to become less effective at helping you hear more clearly. As a result, you might want to consider speaking to your audiologist and asking for advice on when you should upgrade your hearing aids.

Consider the following reasons that indicate why you should update your hearing aids.

Upgrading hearing aids if your hearing loss has changed

It’s common for your hearing loss to change over time. You may may require new technology or an upgraded system in order for you to receive better sound quality and clarity. Updating to new technology can often give you newer and improved features too.

Change in hearing is one of the most common reasons to upgrade your hearing aids, so speak to your audiologist if you feel that your hearing has changed since your last meeting. Your audiologist might request that you take a series of hearing tests again to confirm that your hearing has indeed changed, and using that information, they’ll be able to pick a new hearing aid that will suit your needs better.

Upgrading to add new features to your hearing aid

Since you first got your hearing aid, you might have realized that it’s missing some features that make it a little more usable. For instance, you might realize that it’s lacking a sound generating feature to help you deal with the effects of tinnitus, or you might want an easier way to answer calls and listen to music while keeping your hearing aids on.

Speak to your audiologist about new features that you want from your hearing aids and they might be able to pick out a suitable hearing aid that comes with all the features you want. Hearing aids are constantly evolving and adding new features, so it only makes sense that you’d eventually want to upgrade to make your life easier.

Upgrading because your job or lifestyle has changed

Sometimes, lifestyle changes are the catalyst to wanting to upgrade your hearing aids. If you previously didn’t have a very busy job and spent a lot of time in an office or indoors, then you probably didn’t need to use your hearing aids very often and the quality of sound probably wasn’t an issue. However, if you move to a job that requires you to have better hearing or engage with customers on a regular basis, then you may want to upgrade your hearing aids to accommodate your needs.

Your audiologist may ask about your new lifestyle and help you pick the right hearing aids to suit your needs. For instance, if you’re using your hearing aids more often, then they might pick a newer model with a larger battery so that you don’t need to replace the battery as often, or perhaps they’ll help you pick a more discreet hearing aid option if you want it to stand out less.