Cerumen Removal

When you are suffering from earwax buildup, it may be very tempting to try to remedy the situation at home with a cotton swab, but that is never the best option. Earwax removal must be done in a specific manner to prevent damage to the structure of the ear while ensuring complete removal of the buildup. Pacific Audiology can help.

Earwax accumulation may sound like a simple nuisance, but it can actually lead to legitimate medical problems. Also called cerumen, earwax build up most commonly leads to a hearing difficulty that needs to be handled by an audiologist.

Earwax Removal

The ear naturally and consistently discharges wax to regulate bacterial growth, protect, and lubricate. Typically, this process is regulated within the body, but occasionally earwax hardens to the point that it causes an issue. At Pacific Audiology, we use suction, lighted curettes, and headlamps to carefully remove wax buildup without risking damage to the delicate structure of the ear.

Advanced Technology

Our team of audiologists use the best technology in everything they do. Whether we are helping with a solution for cerumen obstruction or fitting you for a hearing aid, our process is focused on communication with the patient. We feel strongly that bedside manner is an important part of the process.

If you are interested in earwax removal services, call Pacific Audiology today, or schedule an appointment online. We are excited to provide you with the best audiology products and services in the Portland area.