You’ve been struggling to hear as well as you once did and you’ve finally decided to do something about it. You located an audiologist in your area and scheduled an appointment to have your hearing evaluated. Now, you’re probably feeling any range of emotion from excited to anxious, or even nervous and scared. The good news is you have nothing to be worried about! Having your hearing tested is a simple, non-invasive procedure and it’s completely pain-free. Additionally, the audiologist will be more than happy to walk you through what’s going to happen at the appointment so nothing surprises or stresses you!

Still, if you can’t stop thinking about your audiologist appointment, consider doing the following things to help prepare for the important visit!

Keep a list of symptoms

If you’re concerned you have hearing loss, jot down a list of symptoms you’re experiencing. This might include things like: trouble hearing women and children, difficulty hearing in a group setting or turning the television up louder than others prefer. If you want to go the extra mile, ask family and friends for any symptoms they may have noticed regarding your hearing. They’ll have a different perspective since they’re communicating with you, and may notice things like: you have trouble talking on the telephone, you ask them to repeat themselves frequently or you can’t hear them if they’re not facing you.

Gather any relevant medical information

For starters, your audiologist will want to know your medical history. This includes any diseases or disorders you’ve had, any trauma your head or neck has been exposed to and if any family members have suffered from hearing loss early in life. Additionally, your audiologist will want to know what medications you’re taking and any you recently ended. Certain medications can impact your hearing and your audiologist will be able to identify those quickly if that’s the case.

Jot down any questions or concerns you have

You’ll receive a lot of information during your first visit with the audiologist. Because of all this new information, you may forget to ask any important questions you had prior to your appointment. Prepare yourself for your visit by making a list of any questions you have about hearing loss, hearing aids, treatment or anything else and make sure to bring it with you. Your audiologist will be more than happy to answer your questions and thoroughly discuss any concerns you might have.

Your audiologist wants you to be comfortable with the care they provide, so don’t hesitate to ask them any questions or talk through any worries you might have. Hearing is an important part of your daily life, so it’s crucial to get the care you deserve!