Lantos 3D Digital Ear Scanning





Pacific Audiology Clinic is the FIRST and ONLY office in Portland, to offer the Lantos 3D Ear Scanning Technology!

Pacific Audiology Clinic offers an innovative, safe, and comfortable alternative to silicone-based earmold impressions. 

At Pacific Audiology Clinic, we pride ourselves in bringing you the best patient experience. That is why we are excited to offer 3D ear scanning in our clinics from Lantos Technologies for an innovative, safe, and comfortable alternative to silicone-based earmold impressions. Lantos has provided our hearing care practices with a cutting-edge 3D ear scanning system that helps us to map the unique geometry of your ears with precision so we can provide you with a personalized hearing solution.

Lantos Technologies’ ear scanning system uses patented technology to map the unique 3D geometry of your ear.  A membrane, which covers and protects a small camera, is placed into your ear by your hearing care professional. The membrane gently inflates and conforms to the unique curves and grooves of your ear. The camera provides your hearing care professional with real-time visualization of your ear canal through a window on the tip of the conforming membrane.  The camera inside the controlled environment of the inflated membrane precisely captures more than one million data points to deliver a deep, accurate ear scan.  The single-use membrane ensures maximum safety and hygiene for patients.

We use 3D ear scans to order custom-fit ear molds for your hearing aid devices, custom-fit hearing aids, hearing protection, and even ear molds for your consumer electronics.

Make an appointment today to have your ears scanned with the Revolutionary Lantos 3D Ear Scanning system!