After you’ve selected your hearing aids, your doctor will schedule an appointment to fit them. Getting new hearing aids can feel overwhelming, but the fitting process and follow-up appointment are easy and helpful. If this is your first time getting hearing aids and you’re unfamiliar with the process, here are a few tips and tricks to prepare for your appointment.

  • Write your questions down. You are going to have a lot of questions during this appointment, which is why it’s a good idea to write them down so you do not forget them in the moment. There will be a lot of information given to you at this appointment and you want to be sure the questions you have been pondering all week are answered. And remember, there is no such thing as a silly question, especially when it comes to your hearing health!
  • Bring a pen and some paper with you. Since you will be getting a lot of information at your appointment it may be a good idea to bring a pen a notepad with you. This way you can write down the information you feel is important as the appointment goes on. You may be given brochures or pamphlets with information during the appointment, but writing the information down yourself will help you to retain and understand it better.
  • Bring a friend or family member. When going to the hearing professional, it’s never a bad idea to bring a friend or family member with you. They will not only help you to remember all of the information that you are given during the appointment, but they will be able to ask questions, as well. They are also a good support system when it comes to going through this change in your life and can help support you during this transition.
  • Complete your paperwork. Prior to going to your hearing aid fitting appointment, make sure all of your paperwork and method of payment is in order. This means having all of the paperwork from your insurance company in place and properly filled out with the information both your hearing health professional and insurance company need in order for payment to be properly processed. If you are paying another way, be sure the transaction can go through with little to no problems at the end of the appointment.

While going to your hearing aid fitting appointment can feel like a big deal, it doesn’t have to be. A hearing aid fitting appointment is the perfect time to make sure you purchased the right devices for your hearing loss and lifestyle, while learning how to care for and maintain your device. If you have questions or concerns after your appointment, do not hesitate to contact your hearing health professional. Your hearing care provider is there to ensure you have the smoothest and easiest hearing aid experience possible.