Now more than ever, we rely heavily on our technology. Anything we want to do or experience from communicating and socializing with friends, getting your finances together, enjoying some entertainment and indulging in self-care are all ways we use technology. We may not necessarily need all of our everyday technology, but it can make our lives easier.

For the technology that we use every day, like your hearing aid, it is important that you take good care of it. Improper care of your hearing aids can lead to damages that are too much to repair. If you are wondering how to properly take care of your ITE hearing aid, here are some tips.

Rules of thumb

Make sure that you are storing your hearing aid in a guarded place that is dry and cool. You should also wash your hands before you touch your hearing aids. This can prevent dirt, oils and other debris from getting on the hearing aid’s electrical units. Make sure that you are checking your batteries frequently. It would be worst if you ran out of juice in the middle of hearing something important. Ensure that they are charged in full if they are rechargeable and replace the batteries if they are not.

You should also remember to switch off your hearing aid when you are not using it. Some people even take out the batteries as well as clean the contact points from time to time to make sure everything connects the way it is supposed to. Be cautious of placing your hearing aids just anywhere. You want to make sure that they are placed above a soft surface in case of any accidental falls.

Change your filters occasionally so you can avoid any dirt buildup. Clean your hearing aids using the brush or cloth that it comes with. If you have excessive earwax, talk to an audiologist about having that excess removed as it can improve your hearing.

Be sure not to wear your hearing aid in the shower or when you are swimming as water will damage the inner connections of a normal hearing aid. You should not use a hairdryer, hair spray or any other type of spray with your hearing aids on. When it comes to storing your hearing aid, you do not want to put it in direct sunlight, in a car or close to a heating unit. It can seriously damage the hearing aid.

Do not use any tools on your hearing aids if you are trying to fix them. This could cause serious if not permanent receiver malfunctions. Do not leave your hearing aids or batters in a place where they can be eaten or swallowed by pets or kids. You also should not use your hearing aid during a CAT, MRI or any other electromagnetic scan. Lastly, you should never ignore your hearing aid. Always keep it clean and working properly.

Cleaning your hearing aid in general

The most important thing to remember when cleaning your hearing aid is to be gentle, but how you clean is dependent upon the kind of hearing aid you have. There are still some things to note. You should always clean your hearing aid with a soft, dry cloth to polish the external speaker units, no matter what kind of hearing aid you have. Make sure you hold them above soft surfaces in case of an accidental drop. Do not clean your hearing aids with sanitation wipes unless the directions on the hearing aid packaging say otherwise. You should also never use cleaning fluid to wipe your hearing aids.

It is recommended that you clean your hearing aids before heading to bed so they can air-dry through the night. When you clean them, hold your hearing aid upside down so that you do not accidentally get debris lodged further in the hearing aid while you are cleaning the interior part. You should also be wiping your hearing aid battery every time a battery is replaced so you can maintain the length of the battery charge that is recommended on the battery packaging.

Cleaning your ITE hearing aid

When cleaning your in-the-ear hearing aid, it can be brushed the same way as behind the ear hearing aids are as long as you pay close attention to the removal of particles from the vent openings in addition to the microphone and receiver. Once you are done brushing, you can use a dry cloth to wipe off the surface of your hearing aid.

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