For anyone that experiences hearing loss and wears hearing aids, keeping them working at their optimal capacity is essential. Not only will it maintain good hearing, but it can improve your overall quality of life. Whether you are new to hearing aids or not, you may not know the best care tips. There are specific ways to keep your hearing aids working their best, as follows.

Keep the Battery Door Closed at All Times

All hearing aids require batteries. To ensure that the battery is safe or working effectively, it is important to keep the battery door always closed. If it pops open, then it could stop working. Or the sound amplification may be reduced.

If the battery door continues to pop open, try turning the battery around. Or get the closure fixed as it may have become damaged.

What a Friend Can Do If They Hear High Pitch Noises Externally

Sometimes hearing aids will make external high pitch noises. This is due to the feedback loop being too close to a speaker or other device that emits sound. If a friend hears this, then your hearing may be reduced but you may not realize why.

If this occurs, allow them to take it out and cup it in your hand. This will reduce the high pitch noise and remove the hearing aid away from what’s causing the interference. When the noise stops, the hearing aid can be placed back in and the sound amplification should work effectively again.

Always Clean Your Hands Before Removing and Inserting the Hearing Aids

Keeping your hearing aids clean is key for preventing bacteria getting in your ear, which could cause infection. A buildup of dirt can also reduce the hearing aids efficacy. To keep them working their best, ensure to keep your hands clean when you insert and remove them. Disinfecting your hands or washing them will ensure to kill germs and prevent your hearing aids from getting dirty.

Use a Protective Cover

In humid or hot conditions, hearing aids can become damaged. The delicate parts of your hearing aids are vulnerable to sun and moisture. Keeping them away from that is easier with a protective cover.

A moisture cover will reduce their exposure to extreme weather conditions and ensure they work at their full capacity. These moisture covers do not need to be worn at all times, just when you are exposed to the conditions. Additionally, never leave your hearing aids out in exposed sunlight. They can break within minutes and you will be without hearing aid.

Regular Cleaning

Hearing aids may not look dirty, but they still require regular cleaning. Cleaning the tubes and outside screen should occur every week or more often if they have become dirty. Then, you should send them in for servicing every six months so that they can undergo a deeper clean.

Invest in a Dryer

Your hearing aids can pick up moisture quickly, which can damage their internal features or reduce their efficacy. To prevent this and to keep them working at their best, you can invest in a dryer. A dryer’s job is to remove moisture and keep them working at their full potential.

Replace the Domes

The external feature of the hearing aid is called the dome. These protect the hearing aid and should be replaced every four to six weeks. Without replacing the domes, your sound quality can be reduced and you may experience unusual sounds. This is due to clogging from dirt or bacteria.

Your audiologist can change the dome for you. Or you could change them yourself. Ensure to replace them correctly otherwise the issues may persist.

Remove the Wax

Hearing aids are vulnerable to earwax, which can hinder their performance. Regularly cleaning your ears and cleaning the hearing aids so that they are free from wax will help them work their best.

It helps to wipe them every night when you take them out with a soft dry cloth. This should remove any earwax that has built up throughout the day. When cleaning your ears, it is safer to clean them out with oils or warm water. Cotton swabs can damage the ears and worsen hearing loss.

Ensuring that your hearing aids are clean and away from environments that can damage them or hinder their performance, will ensure that they work their best at all times. To learn more about Pacific Audiology Clinic and keeping your hearing aids working their best, call us today at 503-719-4208.