The saying “knowing is half the battle” has never been more relevant than when discussing hearing loss and its impact on your quality of life. It has to be said that hearing loss can affect more than just your ability to communicate, as it can impact your independence and confidence too, so you need to get your hearing tested on a regular basis to identify whether you are experiencing any symptoms of hearing loss sooner rather than later. Here are six of the most notable reasons why early hearing testing matters!

Reduce Your Risk of Falls

Untreated hearing loss has a proven link to falling. In fact, some studies suggest that those with mild hearing loss are actually three times more likely to have reported a fall, compared with those who do not experience any level of hearing loss. Your ears play an important role when it comes to maintaining balance, so you need to identify and treat hearing problems early for the sake of your balance and the risk of falls.

Your inner ear is made up of two connected parts – the cochlea and the labyrinth. The cochlea is responsible for hearing, but the labyrinth is responsible for balance. This connection is likely why hearing loss and balance disorders are often related.

Look After Your Brain Health

In many cases, hearing loss can take a toll on the brain due to the fact that it now has to work harder to process sound. To add to this, research is beginning to suggest that hearing loss can be connected to other brain related problems such as faster brain atrophy, early onset of major cognitive decline and even dementia. However, when you take the time to use a hearing aid, many studies believe that age-related cognitive decline could begin to slow down and ease up. It’s certainly worth getting your hearing tested for the sake of your brain health.

Limit Negative Mental Health Impacts

Some studies suggest that there is a link between hearing loss and depression, especially in older adults. It’s unsurprising to consider the fact that hearing loss can trigger depression, as the limitations, drawbacks and side effects of being unable to hear confidently can no doubt impact on your day-to-day quality of life. Thankfully, if you can get your hearing tested and subsequently access your own hearing aid, then the odds of depression could be lower due to the fact that you have some independence and confidence back.

Minimize Your Health Payments

Unfortunately, there seems to be a notable link between untreated hearing loss and higher medical bills. You might end up having to pay as much as $20k more in medical bills than someone who has normal hearing over a 10-year period, so it can actually really take its toll on your finances if you don’t seek out the proper diagnosis early on.

Additionally, your annual household income can actually change due to your undiagnosed hearing loss due to the physical and mental difficulties that such a condition can trigger. Treatment with suitable hearing aids can no doubt remove these financial health risks.

Support Positive Development in Children

For children who have hearing loss, the impacts span far beyond the physical and emotional. Children with hearing loss can also expect to encounter issues in their academic and social lives while also struggling with communication and subsequent development. Early intervention could make an enormous difference in a child’s quality of life, so be sure to explore the option of early testing if you ever believe that your child is expressing any signs of hearing loss. This way, they can get the chance to learn and grow like any other child.

Improve Your Relationships

People with unaddressed hearing loss tend to experience problems like poor social engagement, and this can be partnered with greater emotional difficulty over time after having no one to talk to or support them. Hearing loss can present challenges that can affect your relationships, whether this means your relationships with partners, family, colleagues or anyone else.

Fortunately, accessing your own hearing aid through early hearing testing can trigger a significant improvement in your social life and relationships with your loved ones. If you want to connect with those closest to you, you need early testing to spot the signs and act accordingly.

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