Earlens Webinar


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Questions Asked During the Webinar:

1. Does the lens get automatically replaced once each year (which would assume re-doing the entire evaluation process annually)?

  • The Earlens does not automatically get replaced yearly. It is replaced as needed

2. What did she say about replacing the lens, under what conditions, at their expense?

  • If the earlens or processor breaks within a 3-year period, the cost of the replacement is no charge. Extended warranties after 3 years incur a cost

3. I notice the warranty costs $3K. Is that optional? 2. If optional, what happens if there’s a problem? Costs? 3. After three years, what happens if there’s a problem?

  • There are costs associated with extended warranties after 3 years

4. Wax builds up frequently, possibility of having to remove lens much more often than quarterly (weekly?), done by an ENT????  So the ENT’s schedule is also controlling in all of this, right? 

  • Patients are seen at the audiology office 4-5 times a year and most care with the ear and earlens can  be performed in our office. We would refer to an ENT if further care was needed

5. What, if any, medicare advantage plans will cover part of the cost of earlens? Also, what exactly is the financing available?

  • If there is hearing aid benefits, not through a 3rd party provider, we will bill the insurance as a courtesy and refund you any benefit received. Financing is available through Earlens and can be discussed in our office

6. I get that the earlens helps understand words in crowded areas. my main problem is understanding what words are said; I hear everything but I often have to ask people to repeat what they said to me. Will earlens help with this problem?

  • Earlens provides more parts of speech that can aid in speech understanding in quiet and noise

7. What if I lose the device? And, does the patient have any ability or NEED to remove the lens?

  • If the processor gets lost, there is a 1 year loss and damage warranty with a deductible of $600. The processor is removed daily but the lens remains in place

8. Where can I go to get unbiased reviews of Earlens?

  • Contact our office for more information on this and we can direct you to some unbiased resources

9. Tinnitus masking?

  • There is no masker in the earlens or processor however the natural amplification can sometimes partially mask the tinnitus one might have in the ear.

10. What about earwax?  Does that interfere with the lens or the RF transmitter?  It will come back on an ongoing basis.

  • Most of the time, this can be removed by the audiologist if necessary

11. What if water gets into your ear?

  • We recommend swim plugs if you are a frequent swimmer. If you are concerned about showering, just don’t put your ear up to the shower head to excessive water exposure

12. What happens when/if the lens goes belly up – fails?  Total loss of sound, right?  Then a patient has to find a provider somewhere in the area they are in when the failure occurs.  Also, need info re:  ongoing maintenance, how often visit audiologist for tune ups, how to maintain the lens itself (assume patient never removes it), etc.

  • If the lens moves, there will be a slight reduction in sound quality and gain. At that time, you will come into the audiologist to have the issue evaluated. You CAN wear back up hearing aids if the processor fails until you can get into the audiologist for help