Ear cleaning is one of the personal hygiene activities that most people get wrong. There are lots of ways to clean your ears, but some of them cause more damage than good. However, some people have no idea how often they need to clean their ears or whether they need to engage in the activity at all. Below are some examples of instances in which you probably need to see an audiologist and get some ear cleaning tips. If you encounter any of the issues listed on this page; you need to seek the advice of a professional and get your ears cleaned properly.


If you develop an earache, there are many different reasons you might feel discomfort. Some earaches are the result of infections and viruses. However, audiologists claim there are many situations in which an earache can occur due to a bulid-up of wax or infection. So, if you develop an earache in the future, it’s vital that you go to see an audiologist to find out the cause.

Ringing or noises in the ear

Again, there are lots of reasons someone might hear ringing and other sounds in their ear. Some people experience that issue after listening to loud music and damaging their eardrum. However, it can also happen when you haven’t cleaned your ears for a long time, and you have too much wax coating the canal. An audiologist will perform an assessment and then offer insight into what they believe is the cause of the problem. They should then offer you some treatment advice that will almost certainly involve some ear cleaning techniques.


Dizziness can occur when your ear becomes clogged, and the buildup of wax affects your balance. It’s often difficult to work out the cause of dizziness because there are hundreds of possible reasons for the discomfort. Still, in many instances, a decent ear cleaning routine can make a vast improvement. You just need to take some blood tests and undergo an assessment to ensure that is the reason you feel unwell. Dizziness can also happen due to conditions like vertigo and migraines. Lots of people who experience that symptom will have to take time off work because it affects their daily lives. For that reason, it’s essential that you visit an audiologist and ask for assistance as soon as possible.

If you encounter any of the above problems, you may need to start a proper ear-cleaning routine once a week. Audiologists will point you in the right direction and offer all the advice and guidance you require. Making sure you clean your ears regularly is the best way to prevent the same issues again in the future and ensure your ears don’t cause too many problems. If you need any more advice or suggestions, just get in touch with an audiologist in your area.