When you are hard of hearing, there’s no doubt that you come to rely on your hearing aids more than you ever thought imaginable. They are, after all, your ticket to a normal life; so comfortable that you can forget that you’re wearing them for hours at a time.

It’s therefore understandably distressing when you realize that your hearing aids, which have enriched your life so much, are malfunctioning. You will likely try a few at-home repairs first just to see if the problem can be easily fixed, but eventually, you have no choice: an audiologist will need to fix them.

Through this repair process, you need to be confident that you know exactly what is happening and why. Below are three questions you’re going to want to ask the audiologist when your hearing aids need repairs.

1) How much is this going to cost?

The cost of your hearing aid repairs will depend on what the problem is and what kind of hearing aid you have. Hearing aids that are older or outdated may need to be sent to the manufacturer for repair, which could cost a little more.

If you are concerned about the cost of the repair, one of the best ways to be sure you’re happy with the cost is to ask to be contacted when a direct quote can be issued. This ensures you’re in full control of the repair process.

2) How long is this going to take?

If you have a spare hearing aid that can be called into action during the repair process, then you do not need to worry too much about time. However, if you do not have a spare – or the spare is inadequate for your current needs – then time is of the essence to you.

You need a firm guarantee of how long a repair is likely to take, so you can arrange your life accordingly. Your audiologist will communicate this timeline with you and work to find the right solution.

3) Is there anything I can do to prevent this happening again?

When you are reunited with your hearing aids, your final question should be regarding future care. There may be a few tips you can pick up to help you avoid repairs in the future, which could save you a fortune in repair costs.

When your hearing aids are being repaired, there’s no doubt you will experience some stress and worry. However, by asking the questions above, you can keep your concerns to a minimum, and also protect yourself for the future.