Hearing tests can provide a lot of useful information. When you go in for your hearing test you will most likely also discuss the results of your hearing test with your audiologist. It is during this discussion you will learn the crucial information about your hearing abilities.

There are several key questions that you should ask your audiologist during the discussion period. Here are three must-ask questions at your hearing test.

1. What do the results of my hearing test indicate about my hearing?

This is arguably the most important question that you should ask at a hearing test. The reason is because the entire purpose of going to a hearing test is to find out whether or not you have hearing loss. The results of your hearing test will indicate whether or not you do you have hearing loss.So you need to make sure that you ask this while you are at your hearing test.

2. What is the cause of my hearing loss?

If you do have hearing loss, the results of your hearing test may provide insights for your audiologist about what is causing your hearing loss. Your audiologist may also ask you about your lifestyle and medical history to get a broader perspective on your hearing condition. You should definitely ask what the causes are, if you have hearing loss, because your audiologist is likely to know.

3. How can I start treating my hearing loss?

Hearing loss is an unfortunate and uncomfortable health problem. So, if your hearing test indicates that you do have hearing loss, then you should start to treat it as soon as you can to get relief. While your audiologist is discussing the results of your hearing test with you, they may have some treatment ideas in mind. So you should ask about any treatment ideas to get things moving forward. Treatment ideas may include hearing aids, lifestyle changes, switching medications and possibly earwax removal. Your audiologist will recommend the one that they believe will help you the most.

Your audiologist is your partner when it comes to your hearing and auditory system. Don’t be afraid to discuss any issues, ask questions and bring up any concerns with your audiologist – they are there to help you and your hearing health!